General Promotional Questions

1. What is the Cadbury 'Match & Win' promotion?

Match & Win is an on-pack promotion that gives you a chance to win amazing Premier League prizes! These range from Ultimate Premier League Experiences for two, Premier League Matchday tickets, replica Premier League footballs and hundreds of thousands of Cadbury chocolate bars to be won.

2. Who is the promotion open to?

The Match & Win promotion is open to anyone that lives in the UK or ROI and is over 18.

3. How can I enter? / How does it work?

To enter simply buy a Match & Win promotional Cadbury bar. You'll find a 10-digit alphanumeric code on the inside of your wrapper. Go online to matchandwin.cadbury.co.uk enter your code and a few details. You will then receive a score prediction for an upcoming Premier League game within that game week. If your predicted score matches the real score, you win! If you want to review the full terms and conditions please click here.

4. Where can I purchase 'Match & Win' promotional packs?

You can purchase the Match & Win promotional bars in supermarkets and newsagents nationwide from early August in time for the start of the Premier League season. Good luck!

5. Which Cadbury products are included in the promotion?

All of the following Cadbury products are included across both price marked packs and non-price marked packs! Cadbury Twirl 43g, Cadbury Crunchie 40g, Cadbury Wispa 36g, Cadbury DoubleDecker 54.5g, Cadbury Starbar 49g, Cadbury Dairy Milk 45g, Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel 49g, Cadbury Boost 48.5g, Boost DUO 68g, Double Decker DUO 80g, Wispa DUO 51g, Cadbury Dairy Milk DUO 65g.

6. When can I enter?

The main promotion period is open from 04.08.17 and closes on 27.10.17. Entries submitted between 28.10.17 – 30.04.18 will be automatically entered into a final draw.

7. Do I need to retain my pack until I know the outcome?

Proof of purchase and original packaging may be required to verify your claim – so don't throw it away.

8. Do I need internet?

You will need internet access to enter your code, claim your prize and to be able to print your voucher if you win one of our chocolate bars.

Prize Details, Claiming and Redemption

9. What prizes are available in the Match & Win promotion?

We've got four tiers of prizes. Each week there's a chance to win the following:

Tier 1 – 1 Ultimate Premier League Experience for two. Each Experience we will tailor to the winner's preferences as much as we possibly can.

Tier 2 – Up to 50 pairs of Premier League match tickets. The match tickets will be allocated based on tickets available and the winner's preferred team.

Tier 3 – Up to 20 replica Premier League footballs.

Tier 4 – Up to 200,000 Cadbury chocolate bars to be won across the campaign.

For full information on the prizes available you can visit the prizes page here.

10. What is the Ultimate Experience prize?

The Ultimate Experience prize offers you the chance to watch a Premier League match in style. If you win, we will call you to arrange a bespoke match day experience worth up to £5000 for two people. We'll pay for your transportation, food, accommodation, ticket to the match and a whole host of added extras!

11. I didn't win a Tier 1 – 4 prize. It says I've been entered into another draw, what is this?

This means that you've entered your code outside of the main promotional period. The good news is that there's a final prize draw to win one final prize of £500/€750, for anyone who bought a promotional bar and entered a code after 27.10.17 and this is what you have been entered into. The draw will take place at the end of the window which is 30.04.18.

12. How will I know if I've won

If your predicted result matches the real fixture score, you'll have a won one of the 4 tiers of prizes and be contacted via email. We'll let you know what you've won by the following Tuesday once we've carried out that week's prize draw.

13. My predicted fixture & score matches the real fixture & score but I have not received an email.

Please call our team on 0800 818181 and we will look into this for you.

14. I haven't received my prize (tickets, chocolate, football, and voucher)?

Please call our team on 0800 818181 and we will look into this for you.

15. How long will my prize take to arrive?

Cadbury vouchers can be printed out instantly; footballs will take approximately 14 days from confirming your delivery details. Match Tickets and Ultimate Experiences details will be with you at least 5 working days before your confirmed match. From time to time football clubs may not issue printed tickets, in which case you will be notified by email of this in advance and provided details of appropriate ticket collection points at the stadium.

16. What happens if I win Premier League tickets?

If you win, Premier League match tickets you will directed through to our Premier League ticketing portal. Here you will be able to select your team of preference and all available home games for the selected team will be displayed. If no tickets are available for your selected team, you will be able to choose another team and so on.

17. Can I swap my match tickets for another game/date?

Unfortunately you cannot swap your match tickets for another match once they have been confirmed.

18. I've claimed my tickets but would like to give them to a friend

Once you have claimed and confirmed your tickets they are not transferable to friends, family or resale we're afraid.

19. If I win a prize can I give it to a friend?

If the predicted score you're given matches the real result, you'll be sent an email about how to claim your prize. If you've won tickets, you can choose who you'd like to have the tickets at this point. You must enter their name at this stage as tickets will be non transferable after this point.

20. Is there a deadline for me to claim my prize?

Please find the deadlines for each tier of prize below:

Tier 1 – We will get in touch with you to arrange this prize, once contacted you will have 14 days to respond.

Tier 2 – You will have 14 days to respond to the email and claim your match day tickets.

Tier 3 – You will have 14 days to respond to the email and claim your replica Premier League football.

Tier 4 – You will have 14 days to respond to the email we sent you and download your voucher. Once the voucher has been downloaded and printed you have a further 14 days from the point of printing to claim your free Cadbury chocolate.

21. What if the match that I've won has been postponed? Will my ticket still be valid?

If the match you have selected to attend is postponed to a later date in the Premier League season, your tickets will still be valid for that fixture. We will communicate any postponements via email and in most cases, football clubs will re-issue printed tickets, which we will send to you.

On Pack Codes and Entry Mechanics

22. What does my code look like?

Your unique code is a 10-digit alphanumeric code such as BH5F479JFL. You'll find this inside the wrapper on all Match and Win promotional bars.

23. I can't find my code?

If you've purchased a Cadbury bar that features the Match and Win promotion printed on the packaging you will be able to find your code inside the wrapper.

Cadbury Bar Wrapper

If your pack doesn't have the Match & Win promotion printed on it (as shown above) then unfortunately the pack you've bought isn't included in this promotion. For a full list of all Cadbury products included in the promotion please view the terms & conditions here.

24. I can't read my code?

Please call our team on 0800 818181 and we will look into this for you.

25. My code isn't working, am I entering the right code?

It can be confusing as bars often feature many codes including barcodes or batch numbers. It's the unique 10 digit alphanumeric code printed on the inside of your chocolate bar wrapper that you need to enter online.

26. I've already entered my code; can I enter it again for another chance to win?

Unfortunately not, each code is unique and can only be entered once.

27. My code has been declined online and I get an error message, what can I do?

If the error message is 'This code is not recognized'

Please check that you're trying to enter the right code. Bars often feature many codes including barcodes or batch numbers. It's the unique 10 digit alphanumeric code printed on the inside of your chocolate bar wrapper that you need.

If the error message is 'This code has already been used'

All codes are unique and can only be used once. If you've not entered this code before, please contact us on 0800 818181 and we'll try and help!

28. I entered the wrong email address. What do I do?

Please call our team on 0800 818181 and we will look into this for you.

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